politics your baying is unmistakable
politics the right honourable gentleman
politics my right honourable friends
politics the leader of the opposition must be heard
politics wrapped in a bedsheet
politics our brave soldiers
politics hard working families
politics tired and emotional
politics intensely relaxed
politics there is no money left
politics I’m hanging on every word

in cubicle
with fat stub of pencil in fist
x marks the spot
in parody of signature
for the next five years

as the surgeon’s stiletto
gouges manifestos
in darting search
for incidences of the word “fair”

on parade
the four letter word
becomes meaningless

politics your minutiae hold me like a wayward octopus on my face
politics I know how long it takes ed miliband to solve a rubiks cube
politics some of my best friends are local councillors
politics you’re actively tipping me towards the poverty line
politics you owe me a new notebook
politics I’ve seen michael gove falling over and still I want more
politics I’ve seen the strangers bar and the garden girls
politics you’re weighing down my bookshelves
politics some of my worst enemies are local councillors
politics you’ve reduced our poet laurate to chanting your name

I’m with you in wapping
bursting picket lines with page 3 girls poised atop vintage tanks

I’m with you in Whitehall
scuttling past statues to carve out policy on chesterfield

I’m with you in Millbank
sliding doors like glass eyelids reveal machinations beneath

I’m with you in south shields
in hendon
in burnley
in constituency office pressing palms with promises

I’m with you in darkened rooms upon ancient desks
overlooked by the art collection and the faces of the past

I’m with you in commons
mace like an unsheathed sword between us on the mattress

politics get on your bike
politics pebbledashed in ermine
politics john prescott helping you move house and finding your kink box
politics from THE REAL 99%
politics no, simon, no!
politics the brussels gravy train
politics up yours, delors
politics kill an argie and win a metro
politics piers morgan
politics dancing on ice
politics if not now, when?
politics IPSO-MORI politics
it was the sun wot won it
politics turn out the lights
politics gotcha
politics show us you care
politics clutching a banana
politics president tony blair
politics people’s princess
politics there is no alternative
you bastard
I’m through



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