This poem is going to save the world tonight.
This poem is going to show you
How corrupt
Those who lead us are.
This poem is going to reveal their lies
This phony war
Exposed before your very eyes
And on those eyes
As we tread the road to Damascus
Lie scales.
But the scales fall from your eyes
As the terrible truth is revealed.

They lie to us!
The poem announces;
Hush! Be quiet!
Words like that could start a revolution.

The atmosphere was electric
The focal point of every eye
As I shout out
For all to hear
War is wrong! Politicians lie!

The audience were astounded;
Around me
At a poetry night
In Brighton
Something beautiful took place;

The Brighton poetry lovers
Cast aside their right wing opinions
Like the Daily Express
Folded and left on a train.

Meanwhile, in Parliament…
His glass eye washed in saline
His expression was a frown
And an awful revelation
Occured to Gordon Brown;

“Wait! Stop!
Pause the satanic mills!
For a poet down in Brighton
Has an issue with the ills
That we bring to society
It’s time we have a change!
I know we’re making money
And life is pretty good
But the way we go about it
Just isn’t how we should.”

It was a humbled Gordon
Lowering red briefcase in shame
And the tongues in the House of Commons
Were ringing with my name;

“The words of this poet in Brighton
Have cut straight through our lies
The proletariat are revolting!
The scales are leaving their eyes!”

Like ‘Global Justice Now!’
Penned in aerosol
This poem has converted the preached-to

It’s big, it’s clever
It couldn’t be much bolder
And good reviews are swarming in
Like bees on a record holder.

Swords are just used to cut ploughmans
The tanks just hold water now
And what once was a millitary base
Is a field with a well-fed cow

A spark of optimism
Twinkles in every eye
And above all the buildings
We see the red banners fly

All it took
Was this truth seldom spoke
War is wrong. Politicians lie.


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