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Happy 2016! Back in December 2015, I finally won the Brighton Hammer and Tongue Grand Final, which is something I’ve been vaguely trying to do for the past ten years. Which means that for the next eleven months, based on an utterly arbitrary judgement, I can call myself the Best Poet in Brighton. Which I probably will do now and again.

I’ve got a fair few gigs coming up in the next three months or so – here’s the details:

Thursday 28th Jan – 13th Annual Poets vs MCs – Concorde 2, Brighton
The legendary and absurd poets vs rappers battle reaches its 13th year. I’m going to be on the poets team for possibly the 8th time. Expect world-serious battle rhymes, artistic mayhem and metaphorical blood. £4/3. EVENT PAGE.

Saturday 13th Feb – The Lovers Circus – The Basement, Brighton
A fundraiser for the Hummingbird Project, I’ll be joining acts including the Lovely Brothers and Gramski in an evening of entertainment, romance and mayhem. I’m going to be doing some poems and also compering, assuming I can remember the names of all the acts. £4. EVENT PAGE.

Monday 15th Feb – 451 – Nuffield, Southampton
I’m joining the incredible Hannah Silva for a Southampton-poetry-double-header arranged by the unstoppable Pete Hunter from Apples and Snakes. It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before unless you’ve seen me before and Hannah Silva before and you’ve been to Southampton before. £5/3. EVENT PAGE.

Tuesday 22nd March – The Poetry Archivist – LONDON
More details TBC on this one, but essentially I’m heading into the hip heart of the Big Smoke to do some poems. More details & event page to follow.

February 2015

Things have been fairly quiet lately – apart from the 12th Annual Poets vs MCs I’ve not had a gig since November. I’ve been trying to write some new stuff, but in the meantime I’ve been working on a screenplay, which is already on its second draft. I’m not entirely sure what the next step will be, but I’d imagine it’s trying to find someone who thinks it’s a good idea to make it into a film. It’s called TYRANNOSAURUS REICH and it’s about a couple of art forgers who discover a terrible secret beneath Berlin. I can’t give away anything more than that at this stage, but if you know me in real life I’ve probably drunkenly ranted at you about it at some point.

I’m also trying to learn how to make videos, or rather videos that don’t involve pigeons and melting foodstuffs. Hopefully I’ll get some of these up on this website before long.

So, do watch this space (or my Facebook page) and I’ll let you know if I’ve got any gigs coming up or any other news. I’d quite like to do some more gigs outside the immediate area of Brighton and Hove, but it actually depends on people wanting me to do so and wanting to pay me to do so – you never know!

UPCOMING GIGS – October / November 2014 

Friday 17 October – Come Rhyme With Me
A monthly poetry-and-food triple bill. Not sure where I am on the menu.
Doors at 7pm.  The Writers Place, Brighton. £8 (£6.50) (More with food)
Find out more & book tickets

Friday 24 October – MOONSHINE
My award-winning solo show is back for one night only in the Brighton Comedy Fringe. At the too-quirky-for-worky Marwood Cafe.
Show starts 8pm. The Marwood Cafe, Ship Street, Brighton. £8.50 (£7)
Find out more & book tickets

Thursday 6 November – Hammer & Tongue
I’m the Local Guest Poet at Brighton’s favourite Patrick Swayze themed poetry night.
Doors 7.30pm. Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton. £6 (£5)

Sunday 9 November – The Lovely Brothers
I’m delighted to be playing support to Shoreham’s glorious Lovely Brothers who are pretty much a frenzy of satire and balaclavas, featuring “a Lord of plastic which feeds sucking its own navel”. If that hasn’t tempted you to come along then you probably don’t have a soul.
Show starts 8.30pm. Komedia Studio Bar, Brighton, £5 (£4)
Find out more

September 2014



So the big news is that TUSK, the film I inspired with my walrus-lodger advert is now out in the US, and should probably be coming to the UK pretty soon. There’s not a confirmed date for the UK release as far as I know, but I’m sure it’ll be announced before long. I went out to LA for the premiere and am delighted to say it’s bloody incredible and certainly one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Although if I’m entirely honest I might a) be ever so slightly biased, and b) consider Clue and Jurassic Park to also be some of the best films I’ve ever seen, so your opinion might slightly differ from mine. I think it’s fantastic, anyway.

It was super-amazing (and slightly bewildering) being whisked out to LA and going to a film premiere of some freaky advert you once wrote and walking on the red carpet etc. Still seems a bit hard to believe. Whilst I was out there I recorded a podcast with Kevin, and also somehow ended up being interviewed for Variety.

There’ll certainly be more news to follow about the UK launch, etc, but in the meantime do take a look at the website where you can watch the trailer and virtually turn yourself into a walrus.  If that’s your cup of tea.

May 2014


poster_colour_72dpiSo after taking a year off from putting an event on in Brighton Fringe last year, I’ve finally cobbled together a proper solo show. It’s called Moonshine, which could be seen as the ‘safe option’, title-wise. (Some of the working titles were “Adam Trimingham’s Egg and Chip Roadshow”, “For Want Of An Infinitely Better Title”, and “Henry! The Servers Need Coal!”. Brevity is not my strong point.) It’s just over an hour long, and it’s mostly going to be me reading poems, possibly interspersed with some short films and some other things I haven’t thought of yet. I realised I’ve been writing and performing poetry for pretty much exactly ten years this year, so it’s a bit of a retrospective, I guess, but probably slightly more new stuff than old stuff. Ten years!

Anyway, you can look at the flyer for Moonshine here (it’s a bit of a rushed together black-and-white flyer – hopefully I’ll have a horrendous technicolour photoshop collage soon), you can book tickets here (or by calling 01273 91 72 72 or by going into the Brighton Fringe Box Office).

Tickets are £5, or you can buy a Very Special Ticket for £1000 (only available in advance). The Very Special Ticket includes a Very Special chair to sit on, a bottle of real Champagne to drink during the show, and all sorts of other treats. Please contact me if you have any enquiries about the Very Special Ticket.

And here are the essential details.

WHERE? Upstairs at the Western Front, BN1 2RD.
WHEN? Thursdays 8, 22, 29 May.
WHAT TIME? 8 – 9.15pm (Doors at 7.45pm).

Hard Working Families

Cover for illustrative purposes only

Cover for illustrative purposes only

So along with putting on a show, I decided I didn’t have enough stuff to do in my limited free time between now and May, so I’m releasing a third collection of poetry, called Hard Working Families. Generally I procrastinate so much that I don’t manage to put a book out more than once every four years, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge. BUT, it is all very exciting – it’s likely to be a collection of some slightly longer, mostly political poems that I’ve been writing over the last couple of years. Plus this time I’m going to try and do most of the illustrations myself. There’s not really much else to say here, but watch this space and hopefully when you come along to Moonshine you’ll be able to lay your hands on a copy hot off the press.

If you still haven’t got a copy of any of my other books, you do realise you can buy them online, right? I’ve just done a fresh run of Fashion Tips for the Last Days due to overwhelming demand, so, um, go and buy one!

Yesterday’s News

it's biting through the ropes

I still haven’t got round to making myself a proper website. This will have to do for the time being. It’s been a very strange few months. Back in May I reported a vortex to another dimension to FixMyStreet. Somehow it ended up in The Argus. I’m glad they used my picture, although if I’d known, I’d possibly have spent a bit more time photoshopping it. Then it got picked up by a load of other papers. And then it got on Have I Got News for You. That was pretty weird.

Portal to another dimensionThen I advertised on Gumtree for a lodger who had to dress up as a walrus for free rent. They would have to spend up to two hours a day wearing a home-made walrus outfit, making walrus sounds and catching the occasional fish or crab that their landlord would throw to them.

Somehow, this ended up getting picked up by the press as well. It was read out on Radio 4. The next thing I knew it turns out my walrus story is going to be turned into a Hollywood Film.  Oh, and I got over 400 replies and over a hundred thousand people viewed the advert.

I’ve now been in touch with Kevin Smith. Things are looking very exciting.

The whole situation is fairly bewildering. As anyone who knows me can confirm, I’ve been doing stuff like this all my life – but it’s like the press has only just started scouring the internet for freaky stories. I outed myself to the Brighton Source because it was blindingly obvious to most people who even vaguely knew me that I was behind the stories.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to be doing a number of poetry gigs around Brighton and further afield fairly soon, which is what this website’s all about in the first place. Plus I’ve been posting some relatively new poems on the blog or on my Facebook page at sporadic intervals.


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