hardworking_webHard Working Families

The New Book. Featuring politics, ham, Basingstoke snowglobes, bad grammar, dying clowns, large sea mammals and a scene with David Miliband and a stegosaurus on a trans-atlantic jet that you’ll never be able to forget.

£5 (+ £1 p&p) buy now

Fashion Tips for the Last Days

Fashion Tips for the Last Days

Fashion Tips for the Last Days is a brand new collection of poetry.  Wild and surprising forays through satire, modernism and unpopular culture, with a heady blend of dead swans and severed ears thrown into the mix, it should surprise, annoy and delight in vaguely unequal measures.

£5 (+ £1 p&p)buy now

City Boy iCity Boy in Blind Spot Trauman Blind Spot Trauma

This is my first book of poetry and short fiction, which came out in May 2008. It’s about 44 pages long, and features 29 poems and six short stories. There’s not really an over-riding theme, but there’s a lot of stuff about glass eyes, missing limbs and cleft palates. It’s got a couple of pieces of shocking doggerel, but other than that, I reckon it’s still pretty good.

£5 (+ £1 p&p)buy now

Glossy MagazineGlossy Magazine

Glossy Magazine is like a coffee table book, but smaller. And better. It’s this incredible magazine that me and Amy wrote, and it’s got everything from searing true life stories to practical how-to guides, from celebrity reincarnation to medieval sports, and it’s all 100% Solid Fact.

£2.50 (+ £1 p&p)buy now

So I’ve finally managed to get it set up so you can buy these online. I’m afraid I’ve had to put the prices up slightly because of fees, etc, but if you would like to buy a book and you’d rather not give any money to Paypal then do drop me an email and it’ll probably be slightly cheaper and nicer.

Oh, and if you live outside the UK the postage might be slightly more as well. Do email me if you’re outside the UK and you’d like a book.


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