Rose tints by any other name


Self Portrait, October 2016

I’ve spent much of the last week or so rustling together all sorts of fragments and ruins I’ve written over the past couple of years, giving them a cursory proofread and then putting them all together to form Find and Replace, my fourth collection of poetry. It’s now being printed and I’ve got the usual blend of panic that it’s packed full of typos and concern that it’s not any good even if it is spelled correctly.

Either way, a load of copies of it are going to show up over the next few days. Your first opportunity to get a copy of it will be at the Rose Tinted Spectacular, a zine fair organised by my incredible friends Alice and Adam, raising money for refugee charities. It’s at the Rose Hill, Brighton, on Saturday 19th October, from 3pm – 11pm. I’m going to be reading poems at some point in the evening but I’m not 100% sure when yet. But I’ll also be there all day, trying to sell poetry books and badges with pictures of Ed Miliband’s face on them.

I’m also going to be defending my title at the Hammer and Tongue Grand Final on 1st December at the Komedia. I don’t really hold up much hope as I have no sense of timing and most of my new poems are about voles struggling with the intricacies of office equipment, but it should be a lively and fascinating evening nonetheless.

And that’s about all I’ve got, gig-wise, this year. Although I’d love to do some more poems and sell some copies of the new book, so do get in touch if you’re after a poet for your event. That’s how it works, right? CONNECTIONS.

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