I realise I haven’t written on this blog since May. For part of that time I was at a trumpet festival, but for most of the time I wasn’t. Here’s a bit of a roundup of what’s been happening since then.



For three nights only, I brought my first proper full-length solo show to Brighton Fringe. It involved dragging lots of chairs up and down a narrow flight of stairs, approximately 8400 words per night, short films, and a special guest appearance by MechaPoet. It seemed to go quite well. The final night was sold out, I was described as “the best kind of situationist” by FringeGuru, and I won the Latest Festival Award for Best Literature, which was a delightful surprise. I’m hoping to revive the show at some point in the not too distant future, but I’m sure I’ll say so here.


book launch

Amidst the chaos of May, I realised that I hadn’t actually launched my new book of poetry, Hard Working Families. So I teamed up with the incredible Doctor Bongo (who has just released her collection, Half Naked Half Beast) to put on a double launch at the Evening Star. Unfortunately, she attempted to sabotage the event by dosing me with a heady combination of illicit booze and then chaining me up in her cellar for three days. Eventually she relented and the show went ahead as planned.

If you’ve not yet got a copy of Hard Working Families you can buy one here.


The trailer just came out for the ridiculous Walrus movie I accidentally inspired.

Most of my friends watched it and instantly went from saying “Wow, it’s so exciting that you accidentally inspired that film.” to “BLOODY HELL THAT LOOKS HORRIFIC WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”. I don’t think there’s any doubt it’s a horror movie now. And it looks like it’s going to be incredible. BRAVO KEVIN SMITH.


After a bit of a break over the last couple of months I’ve now got quite a few events coming up. I’m going to blog about them separately, but in the meantime here’s a brief run-down.

MechaPoet at the Maker Faire – Saturday 6th September

Not strictly me as I may not actually be there, but the robotic poet that me and James have been building will be making an appearance, alongside MC Mecha, a robotic rapper that Shardcore has made. It’s a bold new step in the grand struggle between robots and humans in search of the poetic crown.

Slash/Night at the Komedia – Wednesday 17th September

I’m teaming up with James, Mathilda Gregory, Muffy Hunter, and several others in an investigation of Slash fiction. There may be dinosaurs. And Milicest.

Flash Lit Fiction Cinema at the Phoenix Gallery – Thursday 25th September

If you look at the listing for this event you’ll see a picture of me holding a microphone with a background of sparks generated by power tools. I can’t guarantee this won’t happen on the night. We’ll also have loads of films of short stories. We’re looking for people to send in their own films. You should do this. Also, there will be a robot.

More details to follow!


Yes, I should probably be writing something. I’ll try and get a new poem up here at some point soon.

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